ZSafeTech introduces its first innovation

Safety is a priority as far as ski touring and freeriding are concerned. There is no pleasure without safety!

After over two years of intensive research and developments, ZSafeTech is proud to launch Ze Tracker : our two goals, for the skier’s benefit, are less theft and less time searching for your skis under the snow.

Easy to use and effective, the Ze Tracker concept comprises a small device affixed to each ski, in combination with a mobile tracking app.

 Available December 2016 

Advanced Technology
Ze Tracker incorporates a small microchip that connects via low consumption Bluetooth (Technology 4.0) to a mobile app. The mobile app has a very precise radar.

Easy to use
The user simply secures a Ze Tracker device to each ski. The devices are waterproof and highly shockproof.


Shock resistant

Two devices connected to a "geo-localised" app

Ze Tracker allows you to find your skis under the snow thanks to the mobile app.

Anti-Theft System
In order to prevent your skis from being stolen in crowdy places such as mountain restaurants or ski resorts, Ze Tracker has an anti-theft alarm. Once the alert is activated, the user will know if his skis are moving.

A device resistant to extreme conditions

30 meters (Tracker Mode)
200 meters (Alert Mode)

200 hours
(At Boost Power)

-40°C resistant

«A highly innovative tech company»

The mind at work. Imagination.

Computer based design. Creation.

Work in progress. Expectation.

ZeTracker fixed on ZAG skis. Innovation.